Y. Ikemura & Co., Ltd. offer high technology grinding wheels, grinding machines, various tools and technical service, "total solution" for centerless grinding process.
De-scaling, removing surface defects and finish grinding with elastic UB grinding wheel and full or semi-automatic grinding line system.

Materials to grind: Hi-carbon, Hi-Nickel alloy and
Copper based alloy steel strips.
UB grinding wheels, PVA grinding wheels and stones
FBB grinding wheels and stones
Polishing liquid, Polishing pads
Micro drills
Abrasive grains
developed by Nippon Tokushu Kento Co.,Ltd. first in the world in 1953, contribute to automotive parts, computer, electronics, specialty steel, watch, high precision grinding and other various industries.
High quality abrasives and tools for Mold & Die Finishing
Ceramic fiber stones
Mounted points
Ultrasonic tools & Others
Diamond products
MG grinding wheel
Vitrified & resinoid bonded grinding wheels
Honing & super finishing stones
Buffing wheels